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Hollandia 300 Holden VZ Ute
Hollandia 300 Holden VZ Ute
Hollandia 300 Holden VZ Ute 1
Hollandia 300 Holden VZ Ute 2
Hollandia 300 VE exterior painted frame
Hollandia 300 VE inside with light
Hollandia 300 VE ute closed
Hollandia 300 VE Ute
Hollandia 300 VE Ute inside
Hollandia 300 VE Ute open
Hollandia 700 VW Amarok Closed
Hollandia 700 VW Amarok Open
Hollandia 700 VW Amarok Tilted
Hollandia 300 Proton Jumbuck open
Hollandia 300 Proton ute open
Hollandia 300 Ford XR8 Ute Closed
Hollandia 300 Ford XR8 Ute Open
Hollandia 300 Ford BA
Hollandia 300 Ford BA 2
Hollandia 700 Hilux
Hollandia 700 Hilux 1
Hollandia 700 Navara

Hollandia Sunroof

WebastoHollandia sunroofs are a valuable feature for both new and pre-owned vehicles, improving comfort, aesthetics and potential resale value. Almost any vehicle can be fitted with a Hollandia aftermarket sunroof and Webasto offers many style and size choices. A Hollandia sunroof is installed only by fully trained and authourised installers with the quality of original equipment and excellent interior design.


  • VENUS® SAFETY GLASS with its special grey tint provides protection from 99% of the sun′s heat and UV. Ideal for the Australian climate and standard on all glass models.
  • SOFT-TOUCH CONTROLS are standard on Hollandia 300, 700-II and 900 electronic models. You don′t need to hold the button to open or close the sunroof, as a quick touch will activate the selected function.
  • PROGRAMMABLE OPEN POSITIONSYour 2 favourite positions can be set for the Hollandia 300. The Hollandia 900 model has one programmable position.
  • VENT POSITIONS can be varied to adjust the required airflow
  • AUTO CLOSE activates each time the ignition is turned off. With the H300 and H900 this function works when the roof is in both the tilt and the slide position. With the H700-II auto close works only from the slide position. You can simply override this function with the touch of a button if you wish to leave the sunroof open whilst parked.
  • RAIN SENSORwith the H300 and H900 this is an option which allows you to park your car and leave the sunroof open for ventilation on a hot summer′s day. It will close the sunroof at the first drops of rain when your vehicle is unattended. The sensor is usually located on the windscreen and detects light disturbance caused by raindrops.
  • 3 YEAR WARRANTY through Webasto′s Australia
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