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  Design Features of the Locka Series of Ute Toolboxes
  • Designed to be flatpacked

    Reduced labour costs (no factory assembly time). Lower freight costs (flatpack takes up only 1⁄4 the volume of an assembled toolbox). The product is better protected as a flatpack (less chance of damage during transport). No welding means no distortion, no grinding, no weld imperfections and no weld stresses. A protective plastic coating on pre-painted steel components prevents scratching in transit.

  • Designed to be easily assembled

    Ready to assemble flatpacks are supplied with easy to follow step by step instructions. All steel components are pre-punched with holes for rivets, locks, gas struts, hinges etc. There is no drilling, cutting or measuring. Most tradesmen would already have the tools required for assembly.

  • Designed for ease of use for a range of trades

    4 models cater for the varying accessibility needs of different trades. All models are supplied with shelving that can be positioned to the customers requirements. Shelving allows for more organised workspace compared to rectangular ute boxes. Foam tape and built in drip rails around door openings ensures that the boxes are weatherproof when assembled as per the instructions. All models are lockable and be "keyed alike". Gas struts make opening doors easier. The taller box frees up tray space compared to rectangular ute boxes.

  • Designed to be visually appealing

    The pre-painted steel construction enables the customer to signwrite their toolbox. The sloping doors follow the cab shape of the majority of utes.

  • Designed to last

    The toolboxes have been designed with a raised floor to prevent water becoming trapped between the floor of the toolbox and the floor of the ute. All sheetmetal components are manufactured from 1.0mm thick pre-painted structural steel. Assembly rivets are Textron Avexmultigripbreakstem rivets. All door openings are reinforced with corner brackets.



  • Unique "Door within a Door" design (patent pending)
  • Quick and easy access to the shelves by opening the top door
  • Access to the lower section of the toolbox can be gained by lowering the dropside and opening the large door
  • Both doors can be opened simultaneously (provided ladder rack area is free)
  • Can be fitted with optional drawers (see the bottom of this page for details)
  • 1 wide shelf (1050mm x 330mm) and 1 narrow shelf (1050mm x 250mm), with heights customisable to your needs


Height: 830mm
Width: 510mm
Length: 1100mm
Volume: 380 litres
Wheight: 45 kgs (packaged weight 57 kgs)


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